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Smarter sales recruitment – by Jonathan Richards, CEO breatheHR

I’m looking to add a new person to our Inside Sales team so it was interesting to spend a couple of hours yesterday with Jacky Misson from Rise Sales Development. The workshop was run by the MD HUB and covered Rise’s excellent Precruitment process.

Jacky puts a convincing case forward that small businesses generally get it wrong when hiring sales people.

A typical small business hiring process might go as follows:

  • Finally admit you need a new person
  • Write a job spec (optional)
  • Reluctantly approach a recruitment agency
  • Hire asap
  • Leave the new starter to find their own way around
  • Expect great things
  • Be dissappointed!

Precruitment is all about taking the time to plan in advance.  In Jacky’s own words the right process is to:

  • Identify the business needs for your new sales person
  • Explore the profile of sales person you need (and those you don’t!)
  • Develop realistic sales targets and reviews so your new starter begins with a clear picture of your expectations of them – and a better chance of success
  • Help prepare a competency based interview process
  • Put together a recruitment process to give you focus, structure and timescales
  • Then start recruiting

When put like that it makes so much sense.

Jonathan Richards is CEO at breatheHR http://www.breathehr.com/

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