Sales Precruitment

Make smarter hires for your sales roles.

Smarter sales recruitment

We’re not a recruitment business, but we use our understanding of people and sales to help you find the right person for your sales positions. Recruitment is costly and time-consuming,  so naturally you want to find the best person the first time you look. Together we:

  • identify the business needs for your new sales person
  • explore the profile of sales person you need (and those you don’t!)
  • develop realistic sales targets and reviews so your new starter begins with a clear picture of your expectations of them – and a better chance of success
  • help prepare a competency based interview process
  • put together a recruitment process to give you focus, structure and timescales

We’ll also be on hand to support your new team member so they are best equipped to help you sell.

“Working with Jacky on her ‘precruitment’ process was fantastic. Not only has it given me a great focus on our selection process but her knowledge of sales recruitment is second to none. Highly recommended”

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