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Our Work – Rise


Our Work

Alpha Wave Media

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jacky twice over the past two years. In the first instance she worked with me and a sales executive to help flesh out an develop an effective sales strategy and put it in place. The result was a plan we could both work to, renewed focus on sales and a significant boost in revenue on the back of this. On the second occasion Jacky helped me work out a strategy and targets for a new employee. Her first class knowledge of our industry helped us work out a very achievable set of targets and goals giving me the confidence my new employee would get off the right start. On every occasion Jacky has been a pleasure to work with, has gone above and beyond in follow-up and I look forward to continuing to work with her as I grow the business.

Ben Kelly, MD, Alpha Wave Media

The Kitchen Store

The Kitchen Store

“Our existing work with Jacky expanded in 2012 moving onto Customer Profiling with an ultimate goal of improving our conversion rate above 40 per cent (from 25%). Through a series of team based sessions and monthly 1-2-1’s with our sales team, Jacky has helped us breakdown the sales process, understanding better who we deal with, what they need, what we should (and shouldn’t) offer and at what stage. These sessions have focused minds and resulted in greater understanding, initiative, ownership and drive within the team. At the twelve month point we achieved the running rate of 40-45 per cent conversion we hoped for. At a strategic level, Jacky works with us on managing change as we grow. Jacky is a great communicator, is collaborative, inspires enthusiasm and commitment. Individually people see she’s helping them become better. At a Company level we’re focusing on key projects where we can measure payback and we can see we’re becoming better too.”

Alan Margetts, MD, The Kitchen Store

SOS Communications logo

SOS Communications

“Like many companies who intend to survive these challenging times, we decided to streamline our Sales and Purchasing Departments and Jacky has worked with us since the start of this project.  Her insights and guidance have helped us to appreciate the importance of introducing change gently, providing plenty of information and training to our staff.  Our Team Leaders continue to receive regular training and support from Jacky and we look forward to working with her on future projects.”

Colin Hepher, MD, SOS Communications

Fat Sand Productions

We’d been looking to get help from Rise throughout 2011 as our company was growing and we wanted to improve our sales processes and client relationships.

As I’m sure many companies find, it was hard to confirm budget to a new service but when we finally pulled the trigger at the end of 2011, with a small project, we were over the moon with the results that Jacky achieved. The insight we gained has been fundamental in evolving our future business strategy.

This has now lead to us firming up 3 further projects that Jacky will be working with us on over the coming months.

Rob Claisse, Chairman and Owner, Fat Sand Productions


Our work with Rise has been both valuable and insightful in terms of improving our sales and marketing capability. In particular the gap analysis and sales audits proved to be very useful tools in showing us where we could improve and how we could better meet our goals.

In addition both Jacky and Tim are a pleasure to work with, making what is a potentially dry process into a positive and motivating experience. I have no hesitation in recommending Rise whatsoever.

Robin Scott, Director, Makemedia

Special Project – The Kitchen Store

“We started work with Jacky in late 2011 to help us overhaul our recruitment processes, which although detailed didn’t always lead to success! Rise’s precruitment training has given us a structured and workable system, based around our business needs, that gets us to think much more deeply and broadly – and much earlier – about our potential vacancies, in a way that we had never done before. This gives us a clearer picture, well before advertising, of the person we really need, their likely needs of us as an employer, and the key competencies we’re looking for; which we now score them against. Throughout this project and the customer profiling work we have gone on to commission, Jacky has been a pleasure to work with. Full of energy, ideas and insights, she quickly grasps the needs of the business and structures each session very well, keeping track of goals and outcomes every time. Aside from all that, Jacky is great fun to be around and makes light work of inspiring everyone and bringing projects to life.”

Alan Margetts, MD, The Kitchen Store

Osborne Brook

We bought Jacky on board to help us with our sales and marketing, something we haven’t really had to think about in a ‘grown up’ way previously. Jacky was engaging, insightful and challenging, and helped us realise what skills we already had in the business and what we needed to develop or bring in.
She also helped us analyse what our clients thought of us via a series of customer value interviews. These proved to be extremely revealing and have influenced our future business direction.
I cannot recommend Jacky highly enough and am sure we will be working together in the not-to-distant future.

Peter Osborne, Director, Osborne Brook

Leapfrogg Digital Marketing

Tim provided Leapfrogg with a full audit of our sales process.  His expertise and experience was invaluable in helping us to see things in a new light.  Following the audit a number of recommendations were made, many of which we have now implemented with positive results.  I would not hesitate in recommending Tim.   Even if you think your sales function is working well, having a fresh pair of eyes offering a new take on things can work wonders.

Ben Potter, Sales Director, Leapfrogg Digital Marketing

Breathe HR

I’ve known Jacky for a number of years through the MD HUB so when I wanted help with redesigning our sales process she was an obvious choice.

Jacky brings many years of experience to her work but understands that her approach needs to be tailored to each circumstance. Our meetings are always fun and very productive as she obviously prides herself on being well prepared.

Jonathan Richards, MD, Breathe HR


A great course and one that gives new energy to developing our business, with two great mentors!

Gavin Graimes, Director, O&G

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