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Has modern selling really changed…? – Rise


Posted 06 Jul 2011 by Jacky Misson, in Sales Tips

Has modern selling really changed…?

Has modern selling really changed or have we just forgotten how important the basics are….?

After reading several blogs with topics such as “Is sales dying?” I decided to write a response.  This ended up being very long (as I feel very strongly that sales isn’t dying) so instead I decided to just write this…

What is modern selling? Sales people operating in the modern world of Social Media and super busy prospects.

What are the basics of selling? Listening to what a potential client actually wants and needs.  Taking an interest.  Patience and understanding.  Empathy.  Adaptability.

This is the gist of it.   Probably more of a starting point really, any comments?

3 Responses

  • Andy Heath says:

    Personally I don’t think modern selling is the right tag. Social media etc are just tools to help understand a prospect better or find new ones – they will change over time.

    Your description of the basics of selling is pretty on the money and timeless…. whether you were selling in the 80s or now those principles are contemporary….

    Shoot me down if you disagree!

  • Laura says:

    Good question! I think the basics are the same essentially – people still buy from people – but the tools are changing, especially digitally. If anything, this is giving us more opportunity to sell, network and remind people of our existance. It’s very telling that most of our incoming leads are from referrals or meeting people face to face at networking events- some things never change! However, you do need to back this up with being on brand with all marketing and being able to communicate your experience through your website and social media as potential clients will be researching you online. It’s especially important that this media encourages action and conversions as part of an integrated campaign with your more outgoing sales activities. We are multi channel buyers these days and therefore sales people need to target across the board.

  • Jamie Lovell says:

    This is a question I have asked myself, I think Sales has changed, but hasn’t is always ? Sales is like anything, it evolves. I used to try and sell products, now I try to sell dreams, create the dream and as long as you know what the dream costs – there has to be value in the dream, (otherwise it can quickly become a nightmare), sell the dream and your product will sell itself.