Posted 10 Mar 2011 by Jacky Misson, in Precruitment

6 Tips how NOT to recruit a new Sales person…

A bit tongue in cheek, but hopefully this will make you smile…
    1. Don’t start looking for your Sales person until you really need them.  It’s easy to find good sales people and they can always start immediately and generate revenue from day one
    2. Sales people are very detailed, specific people – as well as closing new business also expect them to be good at writing technical proposals, have marketing experience, do lots of admin and be able to help develop your new products for market
    3. Expect instant results – if you get a good sales person they will dramatically and immediately reduce your existing lead time and increase your conversion rate
    4. Set high targets – Sales people like to be stretched and will appreciate the added pressure of hitting record targets when they first start their new job
    5. Let them choose their own client base – your product is relevant to everyone so there is no point targeting companies who find you the most helpful
    6. Leave them to it – they won’t need any support, sales people are self starters after all…
    Hands up anyone who has ever made these mistakes….  😉

5 Responses

  • I actually laughed out loud at this!
    I think tip No.3 is my personal favourite.

  • Lovely! But it all sounds horribly familiar and as a marketer I often hear the whinges when the sales people unsurprisingly don’t produce a marketing plan and don’t hit their unachievable targets within the first month, because they’ve not been briefed or informed properly! Give them a chance to do you proud! Revolutionise the sales industry, Rise!

  • Oh, this sounds very familar. The other great mistake is an extension of number 5 – let your sales staff decide who is a priority, so they go after the easy targets, not the ones you really want

  • Dean Harvey says:

    Common mistakes and nicely set out!

    Also expect them all to be very humble and instantly integrate with everyone in the company!

    I once heard a salesperson complaining about the burden of carrying everyone else in the company. Oh wait….that could’ve been me 😉

    But a very young and inexperienced me…….

    Sales people are not like normal people with gently fluctuating biorhythms, instead theirs vary wildly and scarily – when they’re up, man they can fly, but when they’re low – they’re inconsolable.

    Understand this – and you will get the best out of your team……

    • Jacky Misson says:

      Thanks for your all comments – sounds like they’re familiar mistakes to a few of you… I’ll add your suggestions to any follow up we do, thanks again.